iPad 2 or Laptop?

11 Apr

The debate is thick as to the type of niche that iPad fits in the technology world.  I love my laptop, I love my desktop at work, and I love my iPad.  So, which device is the correct one for a majority of my personal use? That all depends on what I will use the device for, and iPad keeps blurring that line every day.I am of the mind that an iPad can replace your personal laptop for travel.  With the sheer amount of available apps it makes perfect sense: read a book, play a game, mess with graphics, make a skype call, check email, or watch a movie from a small and light weight device with a high resolution screen.  Throw in a key board and you are good to go, the tablet computer for the person on the go.  Need to create, Apple has that covered with their own apps like the creative suite or Key Note; or take your presentations up a notch with Prezi.  Need to type a report, check out Google Docs.  You can do standard Word documents, create spreadsheets or presentations all on the web where ever you have internet access.

Speaking of Google Docs, Cloud technology has changed everything, as with the iPad you don’t need a lot of memory to store items on your device.  Along with Google Docs check out Dropbox or any other remote storage apps for iPad and iPhone.  You can store what you need in the cloud and access it for a presentation or when you need to update or collaborate on an assignment or project.

One new feature I want to play more with is Garageband and iMovie.  I do use Garageband for my podcasts and I like iMovie for smaller projects or projects with my students.  However, I don’t know if I’m convinced that I will create great projects using these items on the iPad.  I still prefer Final Cut for my main video projects and I think I will produce richer content on my Macbook Pro.  However, for every day use, class projects, and student created media, this is one more weapon in my arsenal that students can use to enhance their learning.

In the end, I’m going to try to use my iPad exclusively for a week and see what happens.  I will still use my Macbook pro for many projects and my transition to cloud technology is slow.  However, over time, I could see the iPad or similar devices becoming the computer of choice for many users.


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