Creation vs. Consumption

12 Mar

When I first got my iPad, I had it for about a year before I knew what to do with it. I couldn’t mirror on my project, so that took teaching out of the equation. I could show video, but how was that different than me pulling up the video on my computer. I didn’t even have full capability in Keynote and other services that I loved. However, this all changed with iPad 2. Now I could mirror, I can not only show video but I could use apps to show information; but this is was not enough. While finding information was good, I needed something for the kids to do with that information. Garageband got me excited as kids could create music, and even Pages got them processing and creating to a degree. With iPad 3 there is so much more that this small tablet device can do, it’s astounding. We are entering a time when the iPad can be used to creating content, and not just consuming content.

This past summer, I went to Australia for nearly three weeks with just my iPad. Using my USB adapter, I uploaded pictures to my iPad which I then put into Picasa and uploaded to the web. This was close to my dream as my hope is to only take iPad (or even better my iPhone) when I travel. This dream is much closer to reality with iPhoto. Now, not only can I store my pictures on my iPad, I can edit on the spot. I’m not looking for major changes here, maybe I just want tot get them on my iPad and to the cloud so I can do some more sophisticated editing later. Even with that, most users – like my students – don’t need sophisticated editing. They need basic fixes for projects.

Sketchbook by Autodesk is another one I am excited about. The depth and level of clarity on each drawing is impressive. The ability to create drawings on the go, quick illustrations or storyboards for projects. Again, the iPad is being used to create the drawings – I am not creating them on my desktop and transferring to show them later.

Creating trailers in iMovie for iPad is simple and a great teaching tool in class.

The creating part is very important as now I want to get this device in the hands of my students. In the iPad example, I want my students to create trailers in iMovie. Not only do I get to have my kids see what goes into a trailer. Aside from the various parts, this is the only place I can give my kids an iPad and they know exactly what to shoot: close-up, medium show, group shot, landscape … all of these types of shots are listed, and if I spent my time teaching, the kids know these shots. Now, using the verbal and visual cues, they can see exactly where and how to create them.

I recently finished my first iBook, so my dream of travelling to a workshop to present and only taking one device is being realized. When I travel, I have my Keynotes, audio, video and pictures ready to go at the push of a button. Even better, if I can use that device to create content my boga just got a lot lighter. Living in the cloud is not so bad when it is as clear and easy to use as my iPad 2 or as easy to use as the iPad 3 is proclaimed to be. In the end, I want to know my students can find content, check the research, and use the tools available to create their own unique content. Those are skills that go beyond any test, and those are skills that are magnified by the iPad and it’s must current updates.


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