YouTube You can Use

17 Mar

In building classroom community you can do very well by creating a shared experience. If you are daring, it’s a trip to the Tolerance Museum or listening to a speaker. An ice breaker, game, or a rock,paper or scissors tournament is another way to have your kids find a common ground to connect. I recently came across a new one that I would not have ever thought of that my students love, Just Dance. While looking at a video on YouTube, my kids asked if we look up the song “Take on Me” from Just Dance 3. Within five minutes I had thirty leadership students dancing to the 80’s classic; they were laughing, smiling and having a great time.

In any group there is a need to have fun. The old phrase of “work hard and play hard” is very true. No matter how hard my kids work there is a need for them to enjoy and have fun together. As stress gets high during or right before projects, I tend to throw something fun at my students. In the past, I have done American Idol karaoke, which has been fun, but Just Dance was the first one that got all of my students. Even better, if you go into YouTube, you don’t even need the game. You can find the song along with the dance moves right there.

So, the next time you need a quick and great activity for your kids in class, fire up your computer, throw on a great dancing video, and have some fun.


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