Achieving Zen with Social Media

27 Nov

If you live in the world of social media, you too have felt the sting of living in multiple worlds: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, PearlTrees, Evernote, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Podcasts, Google Reader or any RSS feed. You have all of this great content and you need to get it out to people, but who wants to visit all of those sites and publish multiple times. In comes If This Then That. This is a great service that will allow you to stream line your social media networks.

For example, you post a blog and want it to go you to your Twitter feed. However, you only want blog posts about technology to go out to your Twitter feed. You write the equation like this:

If WordPress publish blog #leadership then post Twitter New Blog on WordPress about Leadership.

Try this …

Whenever I create a new blog post it feeds my Twitter account.

I have different rules for all of my blog posts, Twitter posts, links that I save, videos that I post to YouTube and so on.

My biggest frustration with technology is management. There is so much out there and so much gong on I want to make my life easier. If This Then That is going a long way to automate many of the tasks that I do manually and take up so much of my time. I highly encourage you to check it out as well.


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