I’ve been a teacher for quite a few years and have been fortunate to be around some really great educators who are my mentors. My background is student activities and I have seen first hand that student connections can lead to great things on any school campus. Additionally, I know that technology is an incredible tool that allows to stay connected, learn and instruct our students on a daily basis. However, if you are not connected on your campus personally, you cannot be connected digitally. My goal is to help you see how the power of relationships can really make your school culture grow and flourish on many fronts.

I do a lot of work with iPads and cellphones in the classroom. I teach leadership and video production and believe a great story is worth way more than fancy and expensive equipment. I am the co-founder of #iCANHELP and the co-creator of iCanHelpline. I love social media and technology and am a big believer in schools promoting their brand in person as well as online. Lead by example.


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  1. Jesse Weinberger January 15, 2014 at 8:26 am #

    Hi Matt – I teach Internet Safety to schools all over the US – I would love to spread the word about your #icanhelp campaign. I think it’s brilliant and a great way for kids to engage and feel that there is a team behind them. WELL DONE!!! Please contact me via

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