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Endeavors with Evernote

24 Mar

The routine is always the same, kids come to class, pull out their notebooks, and prepare for the day.  Invariably, there are one or more students who give out the proverbial cry, “I left my notebook at home!” This is not a huge problem at my school, but students coming unprepared is a problem.  In this day and age of digital access as well as the growing need of student collaboration for success in the real world, I turned to Evernote. Continue reading


Taking Notes in the Digital Age

17 Mar

My note taking preferences have changed over the years.  My favorite ways of interacting with speakers and lectures is to use Evernote and Twitter.  I like being able to save, share, and then re-live the topic that was discussed.  I love the interactivity of the note-taking and the power it gives me to go back and research the topic as I lived through it at the time.  Now, how do I convince my students there is a benefit to this process? Continue reading

Blogging for English

12 Mar

In every classroom in the United States that teaches writing – good writing – the goals are the same: write often, get feedback, make improvements, write again.  As an English teacher, my issue has always been, and will always be, managing the comments and feedback on every piece of student writing.  It’s laborious, time-consuming and leaves me carting papers all over the place, from work to Starbucks to home and back again.  After thinking, reading, asking questions, and researching late at night, there was only one thing to do, start a blog in my English class. Continue reading