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My Yellow School Bus

8 Apr

When I opened my email to see that I had four school buses reserved for prom, I was a bit shocked, who takes yellow school buses to prom? Prom was a week away, I had scheduled the buses five months before, why was I hearing about it now.  After more than a few phone calls and meetings, it was decided, based on Ed Code and board policy, we would hire our school buses before we would hire a charter bus.  What I did not expect was the reaction of the students and parents.  There were a few complainers, but most of the attendees, “Hey, it’s just a ride, who cares how we get to prom.”  Within two days of hearing about our school buses, I had over thirty parents and students volunteering, collecting decorations and ready to meet at our transportation department to decorate and get our rides to prom ready for the students.

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